‘We Were Raised Under Grey Skies’ by JP Cooper

Seemingly springing out of nowhere last year when he featured on Jonas Blue’s ‘Perfect Strangers’, JP Cooper has actually been putting music out since 2012. After much anticipation, his debut album We Were Raised Under Grey Skies has proved his long struggle for recognition has paid off, the work effortlessly combining upbeat grooves with soulful tear-jerkers, with Cooper’s deliciously silky voice being the beating heart all the way through.

It is clear to see why JP Cooper didn’t rush into releasing this album, with every layer of each song feeling so carefully considered and crafted without ever taking away from the lyrics, many of which could be mistaken for diary entries. It’s this intimate touch that elevates Cooper above the other artists in his field, particularly in lyrically heart-wrenching songs such as ‘Closer’, where the emotion can be heard in his voice as he longs to spend more time with his son. By far the most interesting song of the album is ‘Change’; immediately drawing you in with a strong, groovy bass, it keeps your attention with a syncopated guitar chorus and trombones, which adds extra flair that force you to dance every time.



Stormzy also lends his voice to the final track on the album ‘Momma’s Prayers’, a tender closer with the two platinum-selling artists professing their admiration for their mothers, all the while complementing each other’s styles perfectly. We Were Raised Under Grey Skies is ultimately Cooper’s escape from being trapped in the label of a ‘pop star’ and proof that he pours his passion and soul into every sound he makes.


Lucy Bradshaw

Photo Credit: bbc.co.uk