Wine Society’s ‘Wine of the Week’

LUU Wine Society President Coralie Strong returns to fill us in on what went down at their ‘David vs. Goliath’ wine event…

‘David vs Goliath’ everyone’s favourite wine event of the year was once again a huge success. With ten fantastic bottles on offer the challenge was to tell whether you knew your £50 bottle from your £5 wine. There were many wines to highlight, with stand outs in both the ‘David’ and ‘Goliath’ category, showing that you drink well for under a tenner!

The Goliath or expensive category had an undisputable winner; Cardi Parej Barolo 2010. Bought from Ipsum Vinoteca in Leeds for £36.49, it sits at the higher end of the spectrum and certainly isn’t a pre-drinks wine! The wine is in perfect harmony without any elements such as the tannins or acidity being over powering. The flavours consist of soft red fruits particularly cherries and redcurrants, there’s also a note of toasty spice which adds warmth and complexity to the wine and comes from the 3 years spent in French oak.  Barolo and Nebbiolo go hand in hand. The Northern Italian conditions suit the variety allowing it to perfectly ripen in the best years. The wines are typically pale, similar to Pinot Noir but have a denser palate. This Goliath was paired against a wine from the same producer, area and even grape variety but spent less time in oak and therefore didn’t have quite as well integrated tannins.

The ‘David’, left, and the ‘Goliath’, right

The ‘David’ (cheaper) category was more fiercely fought and won on the final vote. We could have been discussing a £3.49 Aldi steal but instead it’s a fantastic wine for just over £10. The winner; One Chain Vineyards ‘The Unforgettable’ Grenache, Shiraz, Mataro blend 2016. Bought from Latitude in Leeds city centre. This wine fought off a higher priced Chateuneuf-du-Pape and for many people came out on top. This bottle had a great flavour combination and is perfect for the winter season. Full of rich red fruits and hints of toasty oak, and chocolate. Australia is a great alternative from France for this blend of grapes and many other varieties in terms of price. The Australian focus tends to be on the wines fruity flavours which is a winner for typical UK consumers.  The bottle’s design is pretty cool too, perhaps why it took the vote right at the end!

Our next GIAG event is ‘Around the World in 8 Wines’. Have you ever drunk wine from Romania, Uruguay or China? Well, if not, now could be your chance. And, if you already have, why not consider drinking some more? Again, everyone is welcome, and tickets will be sold on the door (you can buy your membership online), so come along to find out more.

We also have a Sparkling Wine GIAG on the 24th October. Come and drink fizz all night long, because what else could be better on a (probably) cold Tuesday night?

We also have tasting events every Tuesday at 19:30 in Room 6 of LUU Union so come along and experience some great wine!


Coralie Strong


Coralie’s website: Every Glass Matters