Exclusive: Laidlaw Library to focus on new technology ‘books’

Laidlaw’s Head Librarian Hermione Wormwood today announced a brand-new initiative to pivot towards ‘books’ as the centre of the institution.

Books are, according to Wormwood, a form of information in a printed context, that cannot be easily edited and do not require any charging apparatus. Laidlaw plans to install large notices on every study space alerting students to the location of these revolutionary library tools.

“Not many students know about this” Wormwood whispered grouchily “But books can form a valuable part of many students’ learning experience” she continued saying “It’s not exactly ‘aimlessly checking social media while pretending to be productive’ but I believe that it can be an important part of student activity here”.

However, this proposal has faced a mixed response from students.

Becky Words a second-year law student liked the idea stating that “cool, it sounds like something to look at when Eduroam goes down.” while Ryan a first-year history student thought the idea was “stupid as hell, who needs ‘books’ when we have laptop charger sockets?”

Other responses varied from “Sorry I don’t have any change” to “book? Is it like tweets but printed out?”

Regardless of any such queries, Laidlaw is determined to go ahead with the concept. As part of the multi-million-pound building project, the Library installed a whopping four books –   equivalent to one book for each roof Jacuzzi.

Only time will tell if it this is a short-term fad, like the Brotherton’s Beer Pong sessions held last year, or something more permanent, like the shiny Laidlaw Library’s shiny existence itself.

Daniel Katz