‘Pinewood Smile’ by The Darkness

The Darkness, a well-known English band originating from Suffolk, have landed their way back onto the music scene with the release of their new album Pinewood Smile. The band are best known for their hit songs such as ‘I believe in a thing called love’ and ‘Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End)’, and were particularly popular during the noughties era. Pinewood Smile is the band’s first album to be released since 2015.

Upon first impressions, the album very much portrays the quirky style in which the band has always adopted. The album artwork is gripping, along with their first song ‘All The Pretty Girls’. The listener straight away becomes surrounded by nostalgia, thinking back to their much earlier albums. The first track has quite humorous elements in regards to the lyrics, especially in terms of the music video where Hawkins is seen to be wearing a rather tight and revealing jumpsuit – a must watch!

Some personal favourites of mine are ‘Japanese Prisoner of Love’ and ‘Southern Trains’. ‘Lay Down With Me, Barbara’ features a sultry guitar solo, and reflects a very retro style of rock music, this could easily have been played at your parents’ school disco.

Whilst the album is very much what we would expect from The Darkness, we can also see how they are adapting their sound. This is particularly seen on the second track ‘Buccaneers Of Hispaniola’. It’s good to see that the band is giving its fans new material, and that they’re not just caught up with their original sound.

Overall the album itself is very promising, with the band staying true to their unique style which is always pleasing to see. The vocals are another stunning feature of the album, with Justin Hawkins showing off his impressive vocal range in a manner of all different pitches. If the classic rock vibe is what you are after, then this album is well worth listening to, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Rachel Dickinson

Photo Credit: bbc.co.uk