Single Review: Here We Are Again by Ella Grace

After the success of her two previous singles, Ella has returned with ‘Here We Are Again’, a bittersweet and more solemn ode to the ache of lost love.

Beginning and ending with the sound of birds immediately transports the listener to a patch of nature much like that featured in the single’s artwork, simultaneously suspending us between solitude and immersion in nature.

The soundscapes Ella plays with accentuate her raw and heart wrenching tone, listening to the song stirs something uneasy inside you that’s quite hard to place. Using music to address the honest but darker side of love is a nod to how significant music was in helping Ella through struggles with her mental health this year, a topic she regularly addresses and gives light to on her social platforms.

This song really hones in on the relationship between time and recovery, her experiences and healing process becoming harmonious with nature. Ella highlights the hope every new day provides, with the knowledge that “dawn will come and greet you again”, reminding you that each morning you have the opportunity to rise with the day as all is not lost. The seasons also become synonymous with the effects of depression, as watching the “leaves fall and blossom again” signifies this natural renewal and regrowth that can only come by shedding something to create space for something new.

Her music offers a raw approach to tougher topics a lot of mainstream artists stray from, like the painful side of love and mental wellbeing. Her unique tone and wholesome recording style paired with uncensored writing creates beautiful music that resonates with her expansive online following, and anyone else lucky enough to hear it.


Andrea Loftus

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