We’re Feeling Up For Up4

This Saturday night, Canal Mills was the place to be for the classic Leeds jungle and DnB lover. As a third year, I have seen the Up4 team (who officially got things going two years ago) put on great night after great night, and, after making its way round the various warehouse venues, it did not disappoint at one of the classics; Canal Mills. This night was not one for lovers of an early night or a quiet weekend, as at 3AM the party was in full swing, and by the time most called it a night, the Ubers zipping back towards home would have been a part of the morning commuter traffic.

A complaint, albeit irrelevant to Up4, was the rather slow-moving queue for entry, as everyone was eager to get inside, and let’s be honest… nobody loves a queue. This proved insignificant however, as your night was certainly not going to be cut short by this. Even if you were to arrive at 1AM, you were still faced with the equivalent of a big day at uni left of the night ahead of you. The staff outside were lovely, and the inside queues for the toilet and bar were extremely quick, which always compliments a good vibe.

Of course, it can’t go unsaid, that this instalment of Up4 saw them host some of their biggest and best acts so far. Even if jungle isn’t your regular vibe, you’ll have heard of Ed Solo, who, to no one’s surprise, very much pulled through and really got the crowd going. The same can be said for Serial Killerz and Deekline. Honestly; no DJ disappointed, and all can agree that the good vibes were certainly flowing all night, in room one and two, with not only great music but an intricate light show – which always adds to the appeal.

Up4’s second birthday was a great way for those who have been there from day one to celebrate its success, as well as those new to the scene to jump right onto the hype. Thank you Up4, and see you at the next one.

Chloe Lewis

Image Credits: Up4 (Facebook)