Boozy Brunch with a Cuban Twist

Revolución de Cuba, located on Call Lane, is not a place you would necessarily find yourself on a Sunday morning for brunch, but Leeds is all about pleasant surprises. With its light and tropical atmosphere, it’s easy to forget that you’re drinking mojitos in the Leeds city centre and not by the beach in Cuba. For £25, Revolución de Cuba serves a brunch dish with free hot drinks and delicious bottomless cocktails. While the price may be steep, the return is pretty great.


I decided to try their avocado brunch which came with a poached egg on top of avocado toast in Cuban seasoning with sides of roast potatoes and salad. The meal was very delicious; the highlight had to be the seasoned mango pieces mixed in with the avocado. A great mix of sweet and salty that is perfect for any brunch. The cocktails were also good (and very strong). My first two drinks were raspberry mojitos, which contained their fair share of rum and complemented the tropical taste of the avocado toast. It wouldn’t be brunch without at least one mimosa, which were also incredibly delicious. At this point though, I was sufficiently tipsy, and without any more food to eat, I knew another drink would lead me into being officially too drunk for a Sunday afternoon. Two hours after arriving and with plenty of food and drink in our stomachs, I headed out sated, happy, and pretty tipsy. Definitely one of the better ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.


Nursing a horrendous hangover coupled with the start of a throat infection, there was one thing I knew for sure: this boozy brunch was going to be far from boozy for me! I am ashamed to say that the first drink I ordered was a pint of cold water followed by a creamy hot chocolate which is far from the normal beverage order expected of a boozy brunch. However, I can safely say that the cocoa filled hot chocolate is a little taste of heaven that is worth a try. When it came down to food, making a decision on what to eat proved difficult on a Sunday morning in my fragile state, so, naturally, I asked the waiter (a good friend of Jade and I) what was a suitable choice. I was recommended the Cubano Benedict and it’s a good thing I asked as it is not something I would usually have opted for (I would have gone for the avocado benedict but Jade stole that one first and this would not be a very interesting review if we had the same meal). The Cuban twist on an eggs benedict consisted of sourdough toast topped with roasted pork, a poached egg and hollandaise sauce served with crispy potatoes and a tomato and cucumber salad. The seasoning definitely made the dish giving a little kick when it hit the back of your throat. Rest assured, I managed to bring myself to have one cocktail before our so called two hour drinking session came to an end. Although not original with my choice (I copied Jade who had done all the groundwork) I chose the raspberry mojito. The very strong fruity cocktail was delicious and had I not been feeling sorry for myself I would most definitely been stumbling out of Revolucion de Cuba full and very drunk!

Image Credit: Leeds-list