Dive into Dua Lipa’s style file

Dua Lipa, British singer- songwriter and model, is one of the most stylish celebrity you’ll find. Mixing the most feminine items of clothing with some baggy pieces on tour, at home or on stage, everything works with her body. Dua’s style tells you very clearly that you can wear anything you want and still make it work. Take a look at some of her funkiest pieces.

This first outfit was worn on stage this year at Glastonbury. For Dua, nothing rhymes better than comfort with a stage outfit. Wearing matching pink sports bra and underwear with green sweatpants and the Adidas original Stan Smith, she makes anyone going to the gym feel like a fashionista.

Image: James Gourley

Here again, Lipa shows off her amazing figure, this time making what could be a lazy Sunday outfit into a comfy going out one.

Image: Dave J Hogan

If we carry on with her joggers’ love, she adds a silky black shirt, a bra, and accessories to make her style even grungier.

Image: Pinterest

Dua also rhymes with colour mixing: with blue sweatpants and a bright orange trench coat, somehow making it work perfectly.

Image: www.celebzz.com/

Lipa and long coats is a love story. Here, she creates a sexy simple look, which she customises with a red choker and makes it super stylish with these cow printed ankle boots.

Image: http://cdn3.yoox.biz/

Here again, the combination of long coat and ankle platform boots with the sexiest dress show off her fantastic features with a distinguished look.

Image: Pinterest

The all black outfit with a black and white printed set adds a hint of seriousness and confidence to the artists in this look.

Image: Pinterest

The velvet slip dress and over the knee boots goes perfectly with the tiara for a princess like style. However, adding the american boy college jacket is the little plus to make it THE look.

Image: Twitter, @DUALIPA

Maintaining her clear love for velvet, this stunning two piece worn with silver heels also allows her to don a royalty look.

Image: Theplace2.ru

This could be a red carpet look as well as a going to town one, with this black coat adding a street style hint to the overall glam that is created by the black dress.

Image: Dua-daily tumblr

We will now have a look at Dua’s best looks with skirts as she manages to create a wide range of outfits creating completely different styles. Here is the perfect simple comfy going out look, with a baggy hoodie accompanied by a black skirt and chunky heels.

Image: Twitter, @DUALIPA

As we’ve previously seen, mixing colours is one of her best assets. Everything works. Here she is wearing a see through light blue mesh top with a high waisted black leather skirt and some bright red heels.

Image: Celebmafia.com, Topshop Show

This might be one of my favourite going out outfit Dua has worn. The pink skirt and the long sleeved top, as well as the silver backpack create the cutest and funkiest look.

Image: Pinterest

We might have noticed by now, that Lipa loves colours, and if you’re a true fan, you already know that she loves wearing pink even more. These two last photos are the most beautiful looks on her. Both contain silky pieces, trousers and dress combined with black accessories -heels and leather jacket- to contrast with the brightness of the look and create a stronger effect on the eye.

Image: Alucard, Flashnet.com, Image (below):Twitter, @DUALIPA


Sarah Ashford-Brown

Image: Rob Copsey