Mira Publishing: Each Book Has A Voice to be Heard

Mira Publishing is a Leeds-based publishing house, which publishes ‘fiction and non-fiction novels based on contemporary topics’ in a variety of languages.

There are so many stories and voices that are not made easily accessible in our high street bookstores due to their best-seller business model. Mira Publishing House offers an alternative to this way of churning out best-sellers, by carefully selecting a range of books from across the globe that are both enjoyable and enriching.

The internet has changed the book buying process; we now search and locate or order any book we wish to read in a matter of seconds, although company-tailored advertising continues to be an issue, there is more freedom for authors to have a voice. However, many authors fall slave to a faceless manager who will charge them large amounts of money to get their work placed on a platform for others to read, and then profit off of their sales. Mira Publishing House is passionate about putting the author back in control of their works, stating that ‘each book should be treated on individual and equal merit. Each book has a voice; therefore, each book has the right to be heard’.

Booklight International (launched by Mira Publishing House) offers authors an alternative platform to amazon and kindle. This search site moves away from the branding of certain authors, and from force-feeding certain book titles through advertisement. It is only £1 to upload your work to this site, and it charges nothing to use it as a search engine, this site aims to make more books available and affordable to any reader. The searcher can narrow down their selection through categories or key words, allowing them to find the exact article or novel they’re looking for without getting sidetracked by unnecessary suggestions or advertisements, acting as an unbiased middle man. Reading has the ability to bridge gaps between cultures and communities, and to allow insight on to other ways of life.

By making more meaningful novels available to the reading public these community based organisations aim to make it easier to find what you really want to be reading.


Mira Mookerjee

Image Credit: List Challenges