Subdub with Iration Steppas and Jah Youth Sound System – Preview

Friday 27th October will see Subdub’s inevitably triumphant return to its new home, Beaver Works. Both an institution in their own right, Subdub’s ever-increasing popularity pushed it to upsize from its former home at the intimate Leeds West Indian Centre to Beaver Works, south Leeds’ sprawling warehouse club complex that serves as the mecca of many a student’s clubbing experience.

Friday’s event has a range of dub, reggae, dancehall and d’n’b acts on offer: Room 1’s lineup boasts event headliner and scene titans Iration Steppas Sound System; dub-heavy Room 2, ‘Exodus’, with Hatcha & Youngsta: Bloodline, and Loefah, the dub DJ who can be counted on to feature at every event of that nature you’ve ever been to, always guaranteed to provide urgent, pounding beats as a backdrop to whatever inner-friendship-group-drama is occurring that night.

As someone who hasn’t been to Subdub since its reincarceration at Beaver Works, I await the event with baited breath, expecting big things from one of Leeds’s most well-loved events. Beaver Works and its sprawling complex and multiple rooms should position itself as the perfect home for such a diverse event; the genres of music on offer scream for variety, allowing punters to move from erratic dub and its accompanying MCs to the room I’m personally anticipating most, ‘Dancehall Science’ in Room 4.

Dancehall and its blend of erratic, fast-paced beats always creates the most consistently surprising and exciting night, forcing everyone in the room to dance like their life depends on it, forgetting about their boy-bae or girl-bae back at home in favour of grinding on some nameless boy called Toby wearing Supreme from the Home Counties. It’s the kind of music that is built for great nights out – it results in the worst decisions that turn into fun memories a few months after the embarrassment of thinking you can dutty wine wears off.

I’m waiting for Friday’s event with my fingers crossed, hoping Subdub’s new home can live up to its momentous old host over at the West Indian Centre, praying that the plethora of rooms don’t result in me losing everyone, dancing to 4×4 for five hours alone hand in hand with a guy I’ll never see again. So long as the music’s as good as I’ve known it to be previously, I’m happy. And I know everyone else in attendance will be too.

Poppie Platt