Kontra give HAAi a Vibrant Leeds debut

There often seems to be a very unique atmosphere in clubs during weeknights, and in many ways mid-week clubbing can feel more carefree than it might do at the week’s end. Kontra’s first night at wire, which brought HAAi for her Leeds debut exemplified this perfectly; a no frills, unpretentious and undeniably fun party.

Fuelled by a genuine and effective ethos that strives to create a fun, inclusive party that showcases up and coming, talented DJ’s; Kontra is certainly a name worth remembering and will surely prove to be a valuable addition to Leeds’ clubbing landscape.

Having started with intimate charity nights at the Hyde Park Book Club earlier this year, their brand and their reputation has followed a steady upwards trajectory. The booking of HAAi was a perfect match, between local up and coming promoters and one of London’s most popular new faces. Maybe unsurprisingly, her set at Wire matched the hype that has built over the year she has been resident at Phonox; one of London’s top clubs.

After a party-starting set by Kontra’s residents, HAAi opened with several striking drum tracks that created enough energy for her to accelerate into the different corners of house and techno. It was refreshing to see a DJ having so much fun, and comforting to see them play with such confidence; something which showed in the ease with which she journeyed through a diverse song selection during the first half of her set. A hypnotic remix of Red Axes’ “Sun My Sweet Sun” was soon followed by hard, trance Daddy Cool remix of “Epidemic” by Exit EEE as the song selection began to reflect her own broad musical influences, from Australia and beyond.

As it got later and the crowd began to thin, HAAi ensured that the party didn’t lose any momentum as she shifted from loopy house to more orthodox club tracks. Mall Grab’s thumping “Pool Party Music” and Artwork’s recent “Let Go Of My Acid” were both well received, but it was the uplifting bouncy “Sunshowers” that proved to be the defining track of a night where DJ and promotor combined to give Leeds a lot to be excited about.

James Gwyther

Image credits: Kontra