London Grammar @ 02 Academy, 18/10

London Grammar are the epitome of Indie Pop and Hannah Reid’s voice is something to behold. Having never listened to their music to the concert, I clearly set my expectations for the band far too low

Hannah opened the show with just her vocals, and the rest of the venue was silent in awe. With just her silhouette to be seen amongst a low glowing light, there was an aura of mystery. Her voice was completely flawless, not a single note missed or off pitch, and the performance was completely breath-taking. It’s refreshing to see an artist who is capable of singing just as well live as in the studio.

There was a sense of uncertainty after the song, the room being completely quiet in curiosity of what’s to follow such a unique performance. The atmosphere in the room completely changed, with the lively beat of ‘Flickers’ flooding the venue. For me, this is where the concert really began. The stage lighting, a prominent feature throughout the concert, complimented the song nicely and really drew the audience into the music.

There was a similar ambience to be felt throughout most of the performance, and the audience were particularly lively during ‘Truth is a beautiful thing’ and ‘Sights’ – some clear fan favourites.

Overall the performance was sweet but by no means short, the encore being a common but classic ritual for all bands. With the venue being packed with fans of all ages, it’s clear to see I’m not the only one impressed by the sheer quality London Grammar brought to the stage. The band clearly put a lot of energy into what they do, and it really shows. This band should definitely be put on your list of musicians to see live, their alternative style is really refreshing and they really put on a show.


Words by Rachel Dickinson

Images by Meg Firth