Pick Your Poison

Lifestyle and Culture Editors, Jade Verbick  and Bella Davis, spent a lunchtime getting tipsy on Hotel Chocolat’s new collection of Halloween cocktail chocolates with a shot of liquor. The Gryphon’s Editor-in-Chief Reece Parker even got in on the action.

Black Cat Martini

I have to say the name was not as original as I thought it could be. However, the Black Cat Martini proved my doubts incorrect with its slightly bitter vodka and blackcurrant filling that had a sweet aftertaste coming from the liquorice and dark chocolate casing. -Bella 5 Stars

Much to my dismay, the chocolate did not resemble a black cat in likeness or colour. It did however taste incredible with a slight hint of vodka mixed with the rich black currant filling. -Jade 4 Stars

Reece Rating 5 Stars

Green Fairy

The Green Fairy is exactly what the collection is called, a drop of ‘poison.’ I mean it wasn’t all bad but absinthe would never be my first choice. It is quite hard to taste the chocolate with the strength of the overpowering absinthe but at the end of the day it’s still chocolate! -Bella 3 Stars

As someone who actually likes absinthe, this one was still disappointing. The green and yellow top of the chocolate is already unappetizing, and the actual filling does not mesh well with the chocolate. Definitely one to avoid. -Jade 4 Stars

Reece Rating 5 Stars

Corpse Reviver

I would have to say that the Corpse Reviver is my favourite name. Who doesn’t want to be brought back to life! With gin as the alcoholic infusion this chocolate drop was always going to go down a treat. -Bella 5 Stars

This piece of chocolate gave me life. With a name like Corpse Reviver I would expect no less. The mix of the white chocolate and the sweet blood orange fillings makes this by far the best chocolate of the bunch.

-Jade 5 Stars

Reece Rating 4 Stars


Passion fruit is my all time favourite fruit so I had high expectations for the milk chocolate coated tropical drop. It was delicious but surprisingly didn’t beat the Corpse Reviver or the Black Cat Martini. -Bella 4 Stars

After the disappointment of the Green Fairy, I could only hope that this one tasted anything like the delicious zombie cocktail. You could definitely taste the rum in this one, but it definitely was not as tropical as I hoped.

-Jade 3 Stars

Reece Rating 3 Stars


Bella Davis, Jade Verbick

Image: Bettys