Every Minute Counts: How to Maintain A Work-Life Balance

The alarm rings every morning…or almost. And every morning I wake up and I think ‘how much time do I have to get ready to go out today?’ Then while going to the university I think ‘how much time do I have to study today? At what time can I do the shopping? What day will I do the washing?’ The list could continue forever. Sooner or later I will be overloaded by these thoughts; the most frequent question at this point will be ‘Do I have enough time to do these things?’. Being a student means that most of our time should be spent on uni, by preparing tasks and do our readings for lectures and seminars, attending class, studying for our assessments and so on. But what about our friends, our self? Do we have free time? Do we have enough time to cultivate our personal interests, to study in depth what we find interesting, to do sports, meet with friends, take care of our family? For most of us, there never seems to be enough time. Sometimes we feel like we are wasting time, but we just don’t realize how we are wasting it.

Without regrets and frustration? Reflect: to a great extent, time is a choice; time is your choice. If something really matters, you will certainly find the time to do it. However, to manage your actual time the key is to choose your priorities. At this point, maybe the right question is not if you have enough time in our life, but how to organize your time depending on the life you want to build. Here are some tips for you to make every minute count and manage your time so you will no longer feel you need more time:

  • Decide what your priorities are and make a plan-daily if you can or, if this is suffocating for you, try alternatively to fix some objectives to be attained by the end of the week;
  • Focus on what you are doing now. Don’t lose your concentration thinking about all the other things you will still have to do by the end of the day;
  • Make the most of every single moment. You don’t need to spend hours and hours to do something good, often even small bits of time can be big sources of happiness and gratification;
  • Be optimistic! You have all the energy which is required to be successful.
  • Think differently. When you go on holiday or you have the opportunity to live a special experience, you want to try everything and to make the most of it; why couldn’t this attitude be our common way of thinking in our daily life?

It’s all about making sure to use your time to be your happiest and best self.

Eleonora Peruch

Image: Indigo Furniture