ISLAND to play Brudenell Community Room

London based band ISLAND are heading out on their UK tour, starting in Manchester, and will be performing at Brudenell Community Room in Leeds this Monday 6th November. The alternative band are relatively new to the music scene, performing their first ever gig just a little over two years ago. The band has had quite a successful year, receiving publicity from the likes of BBC Radio 1, and have already made a more local impact right here at Leeds Festival.

Following the premier of their single ‘Try’, ISLAND are currently working towards their debut album Feel’s Like Air, which is set to release in April 2018 via Frenchkiss and is already available for pre order. The band have already promised fans a taster of their forthcoming album at their shows, so this is definitely not an opportunity to miss.

This will be the band’s first headline tour, so what can we expect from ISLAND live? The vocals alone are set to impress, with Rollo Doherty’s voice being able to draw you in deeper to their songs with the emotion he brings across in his voice. Whilst ISLAND have a very relaxed sound, there’s almost a sense of sadness behind the music which really creates a meaning for the songs.

Their sound is unique and all four members portray a quirky style which is really demonstrated through the music. With playing live being their favourite part about being band, seeing them in concert is a fantastic way to really capture their sound and energy.

Tickets are available here

Rachael Dickinson