Editor’s Cuts: November 2017

Clubs Editor Milly talks you through her album picks for November

Kllo- Backwater

Australian duo Kllo infuse melancholic electro-pop with soulful R&B elements for their debut album. The result is warm and ambient, and easy listening as the weather gets colder. Last Yearn is a standout track; it’s heavy synths and low-key drums create a euphoric sound that doesn’t tire.

Champion- Snapshot

Champion’s debut album features the eclectic likes of Four Tet, Royal T and Jammz. It’s stocked full of high-energy club tracks, melodic vocals, big name MC’s and funky bassline house. A 12 track, bass heavy album guaranteed to make its way into parties and sets across Leeds.

Purple Disco Machine- Soulmatic

Soulmatic is a collection of new disco classics. The tracks are funky, and full of boogie. 70’s and 80’s are combined sounds with modern vocals, even including the likes of Cee Loo Green. The album is an injection of Ibiza in November, and proves the idea of disco music as a thing of the past to be wrong.

Amelia Whyman