My Week as a Muslim

Tyler Denyer reviews the new and controversial documentary on Channel 4 that has had the whole country talking.


With Halloween passing and cultural appropriation becoming a strong controversial topic again, Channel 4 have put themselves in the spotlight with their new documentary My Week as a Muslim.

Katie, a white woman from a predominantly white town transformed her appearance look like a Muslim woman of Pakistani descent. Many would describe this as ‘brown face’, especially as not just the color of Kate’s skin was changed but also prosthetics were used to make her look more ‘authentic’. Channel 4 simply could have implemented a Muslim woman with a hidden body cam to convey the persecution Muslims in Britain face. It seems this show was put in place to reinforce white privilege and in some ways British ignorance. It is sad that a white British woman has more of an impact and seems more valid in society to carry out this documentary as opposed to a woman of a Muslim background. This issue has been brought to people’s attention, but has failed to make an impact and change on how female Muslims are treated in the UK.

The most interesting part of the show for me, was when Kate went back to her home town of Winsford, allowing the audience to see she was not the only ignorant misguided individual in the area. Her mum broke down into tears explaining that she did not like it.

The documentary is eye-opening but not for the reasons you think. One would think that the main reason for the documentary was to highlight how Muslims are treated but I think it is really to show the narrow mindedness of some people in Britain. It is important to acknowledge the fact that the show did not explore Muslim women who choose not to wear traditional clothing but we can’t have everything.


Tyler Denyer

(Image: Channel Four)