Songs for Sharing on your Nokia

Work may be mounting and the weather is only getting colder. But, to be honest, there’s still reason to be cheery. Cast your mind back to the early 2000s and reminisce these old school garage and bassline bangers with Clubs Editor Amelia Whyman.

Listen to each track on the playlist below.

  1. Do You Mind – Crazy Cousinz Remix
    The melodic vocals of Kyla as sampled in Drake’s ‘One Dance’, remixed by the pioneers of ‘funky house’ Crazy Cousinz. A dance-y garage sound for the girls (and boys to be honest), guaranteed to get you moving and reminiscing.
  2. Sambuca (The Return)- Jamie Duggan Meets Da Booda Remix – Wideboys, Dennis G.
    Your mum and auntie can sing along to this one, and it’s just about as cheesy as garage can get. A 2001 classic that will inspire you to smoothly buy someone you fancy a Sambuca in the pub. This may not go down well; it’s a horrible drink.
  3. Girls Like Us- B15 Project
    B15 Project encompasses the classic garage sound; kick drums, synth and beat skipping to get your head bobbing. Girls Like Us chops and changes the beat, creating a sound that begs for the repeat.
  4. Little Man- Exemen Rework
    An iconic intro sets off this remix of Sia circa 2003. Vocals to sing along to and a building baseline set off with snares to get your shoulders wiggling.
    Is Sia herself a fan of garage? Does she like the remix? We may never know. The fact remains that if you whack this on around 4 am it can only go down well.
  5. Babycakes- 3 of a Kind
    Do I need to explain myself? I think not.
  6. Heartbroken- T2
    The song that pioneered bassline, got shared around the playground and went off at school discos. A classic 4×4 style, and wobbly bassline, the tune remains relevant, and loved years later. Fun fact: Leona Lewis beat Heartbroken to the number one spot back in 2007, a travesty we can all still struggle to forgive.

Amelia Whyman

Image: Top Ten Media