Yet Another Subdub Success

The thought of Subdub coming up at the end of the week, had gotten me through a tedious week of lectures, seminars, seemingly endless deadlines and dragging shifts at work. The boredom I had to suffer through would all be worth it, I promised myself, if I could just commit to being a productive adult for a week, ready to lose all inhibitions and g

o crazy at the weekend. Subdub is the perfect event to let off some of this pent-up steam. It provides a healthy dose of hedonism like no other event in Leeds; well-established, respected and with one of the best sound systems in the city, Subdub’s irresistible blend of dub, d’n’b, dancehall and reggae always results in the most fun (albeit messy) of nights.

Subdub’s relocation from Leeds West Indian Centre to Beaver Works worried me originally, having always been a fan of the atmospheric, intimate former venue. But Beaverworks’ spin on the night definitely showed why the event space is the Mecca of clubbing for the majority of Leeds’ students. Large enough to host the variety of acts on offer, yet never losing its air of cool, the series of dilapidated warehouses provides the perfect home for Subdub’s musical offerings.

Loefah’s set stood out as a highlight, the pounding dub and bass reverberating around the cavernous ‘Exodus’ room until everyone in attendance was jumping on their heels and yelling along. Room 4’s ‘Dancehall Science’ provided a welcome break from the insanely urgent dub and bass beats, lending the opportunity for not-so-much a more relaxed dance, but a grinding one. Couples were springing up left, right and centre, huddled together for a reason that definitely wasn’t warmth. Event headliner Iration Steppas Sound System understandably drew the biggest crowd of the night, a halo of sweat appearing above the crowd as everyone two-stepped and skanked to the fantastic beats on display.

A sure-fire success, Subdub are as strong as ever, their new home changing nothing about the integrity of the event but merely opening it up to a bigger audience. With music as good as this on offer on a regular basis, it’s no wonder Leeds is hailed as such a golden clubbing city. Please don’t make me leave anytime soon.

Poppie Platt

Credits: Subdub Facebook