Coasts @ The Chapel 32/10/2017

There’s an unrivalled electricity and intimacy in the tiny Chapel; the ‘them and us’ barrier crumbles and the sense that you’re all just in it for a good time is in the air. And, what a good time it was. Although the church venue may have lost its religious roots, Coasts certainly turned it into a heaven.

The electric set by the Bristolian indie-pop-rock band was mesmerising throughout. Lead vocalist Chris Caines’ energy was infectious, transforming Chapel into a haven of happiness with that ‘summer night at a festival’ feeling. It was easy to forget that, outside, it was yet another pissing wet Leeds night.

The 14-song set of anthemic tracks was the gift that kept on giving; combining better-known songs from the band’s self-titled debut album, such as ‘Oceans’ and ‘You’, with songs from their recently released second album This Life. As the crowd responded with delight when the first few chords of ‘A Rush of Blood’ echoed through the venue, it was easy to see why Zane Lowe dubbed the track “absolutely huge” back in 2014. Even my grumpy housemate couldn’t help but bust a move which, believe me, says a lot.



Finding a band that sound the same, if not better, live than they do on their records is like discovering an extra chicken nugget in the box; rare and wonderful. Caines’ voice is undeniably excellent, and beautifully distinctive. With their second album just released, the band are about to have completed an epic 38-date UK tour. Yet the fresh passion and energy they demonstrated on stage tonight made it feel like their opening gig.

With catchy tunes, wonderful vocals and some Jagger-esque moves from front-man Caines, one thing’s for sure; there’s only blue skies and a bright future on the horizon for Coasts.

Cally Collier

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