“Disgusting” Halloween Attacks Condemned by Fire Chief

Fireworks were thrown at firefighters on Halloween night as they attended reports of a fire in Hyde Park. 

Fireworks and rocks pelted fire engines leaving scrapes and burn marks. Thankfully nobody was hurt. Around 30 people were involved in the violence. Attacks also took place in Killingbeck and Calderdale, with five attacks on firefighters taking place in just one night.

West Yorkshire Fire deputy chief Dave Walton said: “Yesterday was an incredibly busy day for the fire service with over 600 calls coming into our control room and of those over 125 incidents were attended. 

“Whilst our firefighters were trying to carry out a job and protect the community, they also came under attack, which in our eyes is disgusting. The fact that it was Halloween does not excuse dangerous behaviour which could ultimately result in serious injury. 

“We are now in the run up to Bonfire Night, and we urge communities to spread our message that this must stop now.”

Ian White