Fickle Friends @ The Wardrobe 17/10/2017

It may be cold and dreary outside, but Fickle Friends are already pre-empting next summer with their breezy melodies and palm tree decorated set, framing the band in a tropical retro looking landscape. The Wardrobe is the perfectly charming venue for an irresistibly charming band.

Despite not having released a debut album yet, Fickle Friends draw an enthusiastic crowd. Fans are already yelling requests from their compact collection of EPs and singles, and it seems everyone in the pit has been practising their lines as not a word goes unechoed. Although she confesses to having a ‘bit of a chesty cough’, front-woman Natti gives a charismatic performance, and her vocals are strong as they are heartfelt. Chorus in full swing, ‘Say No More’, is the perfect example of what Fickle Friends do best: playing feel-good songs to groove and sing away your troubles to.

It’s a poppy set-list, with aptly named songs like ‘Sugar’ and ‘Vanilla’ showcasing their most synth-heavy songs to which the audience respond with unwavering energy. At times, these moves can be a little too saccharine, especially compared with their earlier, jangly guitar songs, which don’t get much attention this evening. However, you have to give it to them; it’s near impossible to not move during their set. If you’re looking to keep up your step count for the night, then this is the place to be.

In the last half of their set, Natti introduces their new beat-driven single with the explanation, ‘we wrote this song for anyone who has ever felt it hard to be themselves -whatever the reason may be’. As Fickle Friends create a positive-vibes-only atmosphere, where the crowd are openly encouraged to live and act freely, the palm trees begin to make sense. The band have succeeded in making an inclusive escape from whatever their fans may be dreading or worrying about the next morning. It may be raining outside, but the future is looking bright for Fickle Friends.

Natasha Lyons

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