Matt Maltese to play Oporto, 7/11

It’s the final night on earth… Donald Trump and Theresa May have just pressed the Big Red Button… before slinking into the bedroom.

This scene, horrifying and humorous in equal measure, was the inspiration for Matt Maltese’s sleazy ballad ’As the World Caves in’, and the outcome demonstrates the artist’s new penchant for dark, zany comedy. Previously a writer of love songs, including the heartbreaker ‘Even If It’s A Lie’, Maltese now writes more satire and has frequently been compared to Father John Misty.

This shift of has been accompanied by a change in producer, from Alex Burey to Hugo White from the Maccabees. While there has been a slight change of sound, Maltese’s music remains based on his simple, but never boring combination of piano and strong vocals; as DIY Magazine put, “songs for early hour insomniacs and teens stumbling home from nights that etch into the conscience

Based in South London, the 20 year old singer has been rising slowly through the ranks since 2015. With an album and several EPs under his belt, this year has proved to be his most successful, opening for the Maccabees on their farewell tour, performing at Glastonbury, and supporting Billy Bragg in the two performances before he comes to Leeds.

For some wry comments on this Comic Life, make your way to Oporto on Tuesday 7th November.

Tickets are available here.

Emma Dutton