Brooders Storm The Lending Room Stage with New Single ‘Amnesia’

Last Friday marked the release of Brooders’ latest single – ‘Amnesia’ – with the band playing a
hometown release show the night before at the Lending Room. Most bands experience some
anxiety over the potential for leaks in the build-up to their releases, but not Brooders, with their
frontman joking that most of the people in the room had probably already heard the new track
before that night. ‘Amnesia’ sees the Leeds trio perhaps relying a little less on up-tempo riffs and
heavy instrumental tone; instead, this song seems to focus more on texture and structure, with the
backing vocals in the build-up to the chorus in particular lending a lush feel to the song.

But there’s more to the night than just one song. The openers for the evening are The Magic Eye
Pictures, who bring their brand of punk rock to the Lending Room. Their songs are laden with
emotion, telling tales of the struggles of growing up. They are followed by two-piece Kit Trigg – a
collective ball of hair and energy – whose fuzzy blues rock sound is heavily tinged with Hendrix. The
final support act is Faux Pas, who have a loyal following of bouncing fans down at the front for their
set. They put on quite a show, which is almost completely centred around their dramatic frontman.


The night is capped off with a set from Brooders, who seem a fitting culmination. Their sound and
style blend the best elements of the support acts – heavily distorted guitars, emotional vocals and
pounding drums all coming together in what can only be described as an aural assault of filthy fuzz.
This is epitomised by the opening track – ‘Thrill Killer’ – from their eponymous debut record. This is
topped off with some seriously trippy cartoons projected behind them, making for a psychedelic


Keiran Suchak