Outfit of the Week: Sarah Ashford-Brown

This week’s Outfit of the Week is Sarah Ashford- Brown, giving us her outline of a look to prepare us for the depressing, gloomy walks to come in our trek to Uni through the harsh Northern winds.

The Jacket – Columbia, Urban Outfitters 

Anyone relatively interested in fashion will have noticed by now that furry jackets are very in at the moment. Whereas it is to chill at home, to go for a day at the library or just to be comfy, yet fashionable, there is no wrong in wearing it. 

The Top – Brandy Melville 

Everyone owns a plain black top, and with us in the cold north, this one is a long sleeve. An off the shoulder cotton top which you can wear on a ‘throw anything on day’, it is a go to when you want to appear a well-focused, motivated student (how truthful it may really be could be debatable). 

The Trousers – Adidas

The burgundy sweatpants I’m wearing have gotten me quite a few comments, which I am unsure whether to take as compliments or not. I have generally liked to wear quite different things to what other people would normally wear, however, when you’re a student in Leeds, I feel like anything is possible. 

The Shoes – Stan Smiths, Adidas 

I must admit, I’ve had those trainers for years now, it’s been so long that my mum begged me to never wear them again, unless it’s to take the dog out on a rainy and muddy day. But come on, old Stan Smiths are something to be extremely proud of: they are the only pieces of clothing I’ve ever queued for outside of a shop. I’ve always made fun of people for putting that much determination into their shopping, like the incredible ques for the latest iPhone, but when the iconic red Stan Smiths were being released again in Paris, I had to be one of the first to purchase them.

Sarah Ashford-Brown