Frankie’s Fabulous style combo: Outfit of the Week

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The lovely Frankie has kindly gifted us with another one of her famous style combos for this Outfit of the Week, contrasting light grey colours with a bold black coat for a winning look.

The Jeans- Warehouse

Beginning with the basis of a killer outfit, these jeans bought from Warehouse really aid as an incredible foundation to the look. And every girl needs that trusty pair of black basics, am I right or am I right?

The Dress- H&M

Normally a challenging combo to perfect, this look managed to style the combination of dress over jeans. The grey dress acquired from H&M works well in a more grunge-chic look made to look more casual and suited for the colder weather. 

The Blazer- H&M

This look manages to pull off a statement blazer, the black garment, again bought from H&M, really ties together the whole look and again makes the  grey dress appear more casually suited for a streetwear style.

The Belt- Karen Millen

Bought from Karen Millen, the skinny black belt helps to draw attention to the waist area, bringing in the loose grey dress to clinch at the waist and create some great texture to the outfit. 

The Shoes- Topshop

Of course, the best is saved until last! These shoes are from Topshop and complete the entire look. Perhaps a little breezy in terms of the open foot but I think it’s worth it for the envious street style pulled off as a result.

There we have it, 2 very versatile and unique outfits yet all deriving from our very own students here at the University of Leeds, and better yet, high street centred, so get out and creating your statement street style with the wonderful tips learnt here today!

Frankie Clarke