Regression Sessions up their game

Regression Sessions is always a safe bet for Halloween, known for putting on events with special effects and props that do not disappoint. 2017’s event at Canal Mills on Tuesday 31st was no exception to the rule.

This Halloween saw the inclusion of some special effects at epic proportions; with freak show entertainers and fire-eaters parading the stage while the likes of Jack Swift, Mad Villains and Kid Dyson worked their magic on the decks. Giant inflatable eyes were suspended from the roof of Canal Mills’ warehouse, with pumpkins and masked DJs all featured alongside the ball pit (“blood and guts pit”) and bouncy castle.

Crowd numbers had dwindled at their Space Safari event earlier in the month with a lower production value than usual, so it was comforting to see that RG had upped their game in time for Halloween.

The genre of choice as always with RG was house and techno, and whilst the standard was high it did feel a little repetitive. The sets could do with a little more variation and individualism between DJs to keep the crowds entertained.

It’s worth checking out the second room at the back, for a break from the electronic mixes in the main room. Here you’ll find DnB with elements of hip-hop and futurism, with a much more simplistic style of décor.

Regression Sessions and Canal Mills are somewhat of a match made in heaven- the venue is big enough to witness some top DJs playing to massive crowds, whilst Regression Sessions add an element of childlike fun with their antics in a space that is small enough to not feel lost in.

However, whilst RG did well this year amongst the plethora of Leeds’ Halloween events, they might have to up the level of variety they put into their choice of DJs and mix up their production value to keep the audience intrigued.

Clare Redman