Celeb Style file: Cara Delevigne

This week’s outfit is inspired by the brows goddess Cara Delevigne. Cara knows what she wants and is someone who isn’t scared to wear anything. Here are 15 of some of her best looks so far.

Image: celebmafia.com

From comfy to trendy, this green and black outfit appears to be what we would wear when spending the weekend working on an essay. Except that the person wearing it is Cara Delevigne.

Image: pictures.zimbio.com

Here is another two piece style inspo, the black personalised one she wore whilst filming Suicide Squad. The cropped and unzipped jacket allows her to show off her figure, making the whole outfit a lot sexier.

Image: pinterest

Another outfit involving a tracksuit and trainers -to the joy of Leeds students- creates an ‘all Puma’ style with a thick beige coat and a black beanie, perfect for a cosy winter.

Image: pictures.zimbio.com

Staying in the world of wonderful coats, Cara wears some denim dungarees with her massive black coat, matching her heels and cap.

Image: production.global.ssl.fastly.net

Finally, in her array of  ‘warm and cozy’ garments, a black and white fluffy leather jacket is worn with a mini detailed burgundy dress and over the knee boots for a very autumnal style.

Image: dailymail.co.uk

Cara also knows how to mix fashion materials such as this outfit, combining velvet over the knee boots with a matching high waisted embroidered skirt and a delicate yet daring long-sleeved mesh top.

Image: elleuk

Velvet again! Cara wears a masculine-feminine style in one: black heels with an electric blue velvet suit showing off an sexy bralette. This complete outfit creates a business woman look which suits Delevingne’s new hairstyle perfectly.

Image: elleuk

Cara, again, wears a matching denim jacket and jeans outfit with cow-boy boots to make an overall 70s’ country look.

Image: elleuk

Staying with the cowgirl boots and double denim, here Cara wears an oversized denim jacket with a mini skirt, omitting a top. The contrast between the clothes and skin creates a minimalistic look.

Image: pictures.zimbio.com

Cara also likes simple ways to dress with this picture of her only wearing Rihanna’s Fenti Puma oversized hoodie as a dress, only adding some rings and a necklace to complete the look.

Image: instyle

Cara does enjoy mixing tomboy and sexy items. In this picture, Cara is wearing a black lacy lingerie top with some black mini shorts and detailed tights accompanied with what seems to be black leather leg warmers and black trainers. These pieces of clothing are juxtaposed to this baggy military jacket.

Image: pinterest

Again, Cara looks super cool, rocking the playful tomboy look with this blue and black ensemble.

Image: thezoereport

This tomboy outfit makes Cara the most glamourous of them all. The plain white top tucked in black leather high waisted trousers, paired with some black ankle boots, really shows off her beauty and strength. The Chanel choker and arm jewelries add that little bit more power to the look as well.

Image: helenabordon.com

Here, we see Cara wearing a beautiful tulle turquoise dress with frills, matching her eye colour. Adding a black belt with gold ornaments to it as well as black heels contrasts the colours and makes it more appealing to our ever admiring eyes.

Image: peopledotcom

Cara creates a wonderfully iconic ‘rock chick’ inspired look with this army green and black jumpsuit. My favourite part of this look is the huge space buns that she effortlessly pulls off.

Image: pinmg

And last but not least, as berets are coming back with a bang, here is a bonus picture of Cara wearing a red and purple Anarchy beret with a matching lipstick.

Sarah Ashford-Brown

Image: USA Today