Blue Planet II: The Deep

This time, Attenborough takes us to an area we know “less about than the surface of Mars”, the very depths of the ocean. Descending in to a pitch black underwater devoid desert, you probably wouldn’t expect the array of fish with huge fangs and even transparent heads, as well as swordfish and sharks. But that’s exactly what Attenborough throws at us- the man who seems to hold the secret to all life on Earth.

Being the most watched programme of 2017, it has been very actively discussed on twitter, with one tweet being: “the graphics are out of this world”. Indeed, we can’t help but be flabbergasted, it’s worth every penny that the BBC put in to film it, or should we say that we pay into it for our TV license… You can’t help but feel your jaw drop as six sharks feed on the carcass of a sperm whale, followed by zombie worms using acid to burrow in to the whale’s bones.

Our heart was in our mouths when the ‘Into the blue’ footage showed the moment water started dripping in to the submarine at 800m deep- a leak! If there was one criticism, it would be that David Attenborough’s voice is so soothing it makes us want to fall asleep, no matter how captivating the Blue Planet footage is.

So, did this ‘Deep’ episode top the original series’? Definitely! Due to technological advances since the original series was filmed 16 years ago (can you believe it?!), this episode of series 2 made it possible to uncover more of what lurks in the deep, in unbelievably clear detail. As an audience, we are opened up to a whole new world that we couldn’t even imagine in our wildest dreams without this spectacular footage.


Jenny Spence

Image Credit: The Verge