Take a look at these trendy tashes

We’re now well into that month where the Halloween pumpkins have been chucked away, everyone’s discussing the new John Lewis advert and we’re all finding it increasingly hard to get out of bed to brave the cold wintery mornings. But that’s not all November stands for. You may  have noticed a few marvellous men on campus have started growing, or attempting to grow, moustaches. And they’re not sacrificing their fashion sense for nothing, oh no, it’s all in the name of Movember!

Movember is an organisation that supports Men’s physical and mental health , encouraging men to talk more openly about their well being. Movember aims to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25% by the year 2030. This is a fabulous cause, one well worth supporting!

To finish the Movember month off in style, here are some of the most foxy and fabulous moustaches of all time.

Tom Seleck

Image: Elleuk

Actor Tom Seleck’s tash is almost as famous as the man himself. Known for his big bushy upper lip, he’s managed to pull it off all throughout his acting career.


Lionel Richie

Image: Conversationsabouther

We’re stuck on this tash, Lionel!

Zac Efron

Image: Pinterest

Zac’s tash manages to steer him away from that High School Musical baby face we’re all so used to.

Laurence Olivier

Image: thefamouspeople.com

Oh-so-suave Laurence Olivier shows us how to rock the pencil moustache. We can tell from that gaze he knows he owns it.

Denzel Washington

Image: Pinterest

Actor, director and producer Denzel Washington still manages to keep his cool with this rather fluffy looking moustache.

Salvador Dali

Image: puplfactor.com

It would have been a crime to forget this crazy mo. Probably one of the most iconic moustaches ever to have graced this earth, surrealist artist Dali certainly set the bar high for Movember participants.

Tashes on campus

Take a look at some of the trends being set around campus – iconic, don’t you think?

EngSoc does Movember


The EngSoc boys are working as a team to change the face of men’s health, documenting the progression of their facial foliage throughout the month.

Tom Law


Representing the Leeds University Union, Tom and Chris are demonstrating their support in changing the stigma around men’s mental and physical health.

Hey Sister, Go Sista, Soul Sista, Mo Sista!


I myself have been trying out the tash this month, sporting a different moustache every single day! My favourite so far has been the Fu Manchu- inspired style. Could female tashes potentially be a new trend on campus? We’ll have to see about that one…

If you’re feeling inspired by all this truly fantastical facial hair, show you’re support by donating to any one of the donation pages! (Click on the pictures to go to the pages)

Together, we can tackle men’s health and reduce the number of men dying prematurely.

Darla Dryland

Image: Elleuk