Kagoule @ Headrow House, 8/11

on the road, trying to busk his way into peoples hearts. Tired he says to his friends “I need some music to pump me up, something grunge-y.” That is how I discovered the album Urth, and was brought into the blistering world of Kagoule. One year down the winding road, the three piece are just as punchy and loud as ever.

The group were effortlessly cool as they played their set, in front of a very tough crowd. The lighting in Headrow House makes it pretty easy to see the faces of everyone at the front row. It was a small intimate gig that felt massive due to the fiery distorted guitar, heavy drumming and guttural bass.The guitarists use of chorus and tremolo harkened back to the era of 90’s grunge. The bassists vocals however had a far more modern sound, a little more indie and of our time. This mixed with the guitarists vocals added an exciting texture.

The night can’t be talked about without mentioning local band Curb and the glaswegian Catholic Action. Curb put up quite the fight warming up the crowd, bringing drones and ripping textures, they are definitely worth looking out for. The song “Slug” bringing one of the most exciting additions of the night with its incredible bass line. Catholic Action leant more towards the indie side of the spectrum, the crowd was still warming up, a valiant effort to warm the glacier in front of them. Meeting the frontman after he mentioned that this was “the toughest crowd of the tour.”

After this night I felt myself come to the end of the road I’d started on long ago. Duly satisfied with what I’d seen, Kagoule are a must see for those who like grunge and intimate gigs.

Camille Saint Seana

Images by Sarah Oglesby

Feature Image: Strong Island