Alternative Christmas Gift Ideas

Sick of gifting loved ones the same pair of festive socks or thoughtless Cadbury’s milk tray every year? Premeditating their false sense of gratitude as they exclaim ‘thank you’ and quickly toss it to the side, soon to be lost amongst their pile of other, undoubtedly far superior presents? Then this is the guide for you! This Christmas their disappointment will be replaced with shock as you transform into the most thoughtful, yuletide giver of gifts, all without breaking the bank.

1. Student loan depleted? Impress with this handmade mug that is both economical and easy to make. You will need: 1 plain white ceramic mug, a variety of nail polishes in desired colours, and a deep bowl. Method: Fill bowl with warm water, put a few drops of nail varnish into the bowl, swirl nail varnish in bowl moving quickly to avoid the varnish hardening, dip mug into the water and voila! Allow to harden and you are finished. Dip multiple times to create a layered effect.

2. Sea Monkeys. Instil childhood nostalgia in your giftee with quirky underwater creatures that still adhere to Landlord pet policies. Available at Argos and Toys R Us stores and online at

3. Engaged in a long-distance relationship? Feel like your partner could do with a comfortable reminder of you? Buy them a Mushion! What better bring you closer together than a cushion with your radiant face on it. At only £14.99 this huggable cushion is both personal and hilarious. Get your hands on it at:

4. Add a 60’s aesthetic to any uni room with a captivating, luminous lava lamp, find on Amazon or in your local Argos store.

5. Another diy, create your own Guess Who? board game. Scourge local charity shops for any second hand versions of the game, purchase online or buy from a toy shop. Replace all character pictures with those near and dear to your chosen giftee. Guaranteed to be highly entertaining with minimal effort.

6. Have a particularly boozy friend or relative? – I think we all do, give them the gift of drink on the go with this Vino2Go portable wine glass, perfect for predrinks or long journeys, retain an element of class with the edge of practicality.

7. This one is for your tree-hugging, plant-loving pals. Check out Urban Outfitters ‘Grow It Bonsai Tree Kit’. Just ass water

8. Great for Dads, Grandads and Uncles alike this wallet size multipurpose tool includes a knife blade, can opener screwdriver and various sized wrenches all encased in a vintage tin. Bring out the Bear Grylls in them. Purchase from

9. Got someone who’s been on a gap yah or is planning foreign adventures on their year abroad? Get them this decorative scratch off world map – geographically educative and perfect for decoration. Available on eBay and Amazon.

10. Looking for something out the box? Research local gigs and music events and give them something to look forward to! With Leeds huge variety of music venues, you are sure to be spoilt for choice.


Heather Green

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