Marika Hackman @ The Wardrobe, 17/11

“I’m not your man”, Marika sings to the crowd during opening song ‘Good Intentions’, a lyric in keeping with the line-up of remarkable female vocalists and musicians that graced The Wardrobe’s stage last Friday.

Soph Nathan of Our Girl kick-started the evening with a grungy lo-fi style reminiscent of Best Coast’s 90s alt-rock vibes blended with the sounds of Wolf Alice’s gritty yet harmonious guitar melodies. Despite the absence of her other bandmates, Soph held the attention of her keen listeners, delivering a relaxed solo set that showcased both her raw vocal talent and complex mastering of the guitar.

The trio that form Marika Hackman’s band continued in an arguably more polished manner, whilst still conforming to a similar angsty, pop-rock sound. Bassist ‘Jelly’ and Hackman’s right-hand guitar man brought to the stage a fun, upbeat energy, and in the case of the latter, a shade of eyeshadow to match his guitar. The gig was infused with interludes of casual jokes and anecdotes, during which Marika compared the evening to a previous Wardrobe gig where her own bandmate was recruited from a considerably smaller crowd for “dancing her ass off”.

Such dynamism from the band was echoed by the audience. A group of glitter-clad teens claiming front row joined the classic dad types (found on the edges of all good gigs) to a share boogie to the infectious pop-rock guitar riffs of tunes like ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘My Lover Cindy’.

Overall, a very nice evening despite the 50p card charge on the bar.

Rebecca Rogerson

Featured Image : Adam Boon