A Trip to Leeds Christmas Market

Deciding whether or not to visit the Leeds Christmas market? Let Jennifer Spence tempt you with mulled wine, garlic bread and all things sweet.

For me, the opening of the Christkindelmarkt at Millennium Square marks the beginning of Christmas at University. With its arrival on November 10th (it’s never too early), the market attracts a mix of families, students, and locals. But considering most of us students live in the Hyde Park area, is it really worth the trek?

Since my first time experiencing Leeds markets was last year I can draw some comparisons and my verdict for this year is…slightly disappointing. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I at least thought there would be some variation from last year.

The market is small and is configured in such a way that it creates congestion, even at off-peak times. The stalls were not only selling the same old items, but were located in the exact positions as last year – I got a real sense of déjà vu! Not exactly exciting for a returning visitor. The German food stalls and makeshift Bier Keller are indeed lovely, but their queues are ridiculous. Who wants to be stood around that long at Leeds in wintertime?

Nevertheless, Leeds would be sad at Christmas without the German market, and it’s a great escape from studying. I promise I’m not Scrooge! If you’re a keen garlic bread lover like me, be sure to stop at that stall. It sells garlic bread with melted cheese and garlic sauce, my dream!  The prices aren’t too bad either: I got 100g of fudge for £2.50 . However, drinks prices are another story. Around £4.50 for a mulled wine that you have to wait half an hour for – it’s a no from me.

Despite my criticisms, if you’re a first-timer, the market is still definitely worth a visit. Just avoid weekends unless you want to be trampled on by kids and catch hypothermia waiting in those gigantic queues. My final tip is be sure not to eat before you visit as the array of food is irresistible and you absolutely need to have room in your belly for pretzels, bratwursts, crepes, chocolate, and more!


Jennifer Spence

Image credit: Millsqleeds