The Arts Netflix Weekend Watchlist: Volume 18

On this week’s watchlist I’m giving you an 80’s themed selection to fill that humungous Stranger Things shaped hole.

Friday – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Genre: Comedy

A film about a slick high schooler who has a talent for evading class. Ferris (Matthew Broderick) takes us on an adventure through Chicago, outdoing all those who bunked off before him, all whilst avoiding the angry principal. Theoretically, we shouldn’t have sympathy for Ferris given his only issue is his annoying sister. The film is brilliant because you can’t help but root for Ferris. Broderick is unequivocally charismatic and combined with co-star Alan Ruck (Cameron), it’s a winner. The film will have you charmed and laughing, all whilst reminding you that you probably could have done more than just sleep in when you skip your 9am.

Saturday – The Breakfast Club – Genre: Comedy, Drama

Possibly one of the most influential films of the 80’s, the film truly encapsulates director John Hughes’ vision for the perfect archetypal teen movie. The film takes place over one Saturday in which five very different high schoolers are subjected to detention. Each character has their own stereotypical traits, most notably Judd Nelson as the resident ‘bad boy’ who gives a memorable and evocative performance. With hard-hitting lines that are intricately woven through a seemingly simple plot, the film is both funny and emotional in it’s exploration into the teen mind; and is definitely a cult classic in its own right. Don’t even get me started on the soundtrack.

Sunday – Wet Hot American Summer – Genre: Comedy

Last, but by no means least, on my 80’s extravaganza is the star studded spoof of a typical American summer camp. The film follows the final week for a group of camp counsellors who want to make the most of their time at the camp. The cast is made up of an array of famous faces (including suspiciously ageless Paul Rudd) which only adds to how ridiculous and funny the film is. Bonus: there is now a Netflix TV series with the original cast, in which the characters are supposedly the same age as the original film (funny except in regard to Paul Rudd who looks the same?).

Long live the 80’s.

Charlotte Newman

(Image courtesy of Universal)