7 Decades of Elegance: Celebrating Dior’s 70th Anniversary

Dior marked its 70th anniversary in true style with an exclusive film by Vogue Paris. We wouldn’t have expected any less from our favourite French luxury brand. The short film expresses the strong ties that Vogue has with Dior, growing with the fashion brand as they’ve collaborated over the years. Vogue commented that “ever since its inception, Dior’s history has been intertwined with the magazine’s”.

Starring is French model Camille Hurel, showcasing iconic pieces from designers that have helped write the house’s story: from Christian Dior to Gianfranco Ferré, Yves Saint Laurent to Raf Simons. The film commences with images of Hurel wearing a modern Dior piece by Maria Grazia Chiuri, climbing the steps at 30 Avenue Montaigne, Dior’s historic atelier in Paris. We see the evolution of Dior, from classic black and white and simple makeup with designers delicately pinning material into place on the model, to heavier cat eyes and bolder shapes and colours, while maintaining the luxury element of couture.

Camille Hurel, Image: Women Management

Colourful flashing, flickering images decorate the film throughout, contrasting with the model’s soft features and imagery of black and white spiral staircases. Busy designers and dressmakers surround the model as she showcases a couture gown. The close ties between Dior and Vogue are flaunted as Hurel imitates a catwalk through the studio, with images of published photographs and articles splashing across the screen as she makes her way round the workshop.

Click to play exclusive Dior film

The film is beautifully put together by Lisa Paclet and is styled by Vogue fashion editor Géraldine Saglio. It cleverly and subtly tracks the journey of the Dior name from its founder, Christian Dior, who debuted his first collection in February 1947, to the work of current creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri. The video brings together the designs and cultural inspiration behind the brand’s history, from classic designs to modern shapes that are perhaps reflective of Chiuri’s passion to “speak about women in a different way”. Christian Dior himself died in 1957, and the fashion house has since been headed by famous names including Yves Saint Laurent and John Galliano. The film shows the way the house has evolved and how it has changed style with each designer whilst retaining the ‘Dior’ look: “I think the main thing about Dior, is that it’s like a puzzle of all these huge designers that worked at the house […] the house has always chosen the right designer for the moment.” As Chiuri said herself: “Fashion is emotional, it’s story.”

Christy Bucklow

Image: Vogue.co.uk