‘Justified Ruthlessness’: Peaky Blinders Episode 3 Review

We once more dive back into 1920s Birmingham and all the smog, swearing and danger that go with it. Overall, the episode was no different from any of the previous; satisfyingly violent as the story progresses. Now the villain of the season has been successfully established with the usual dramatic flair, Luca Changretta’s plan for revenge against the Shelby family continues. Be aware that if you haven’t watched the episode yet, then you ought to be wary of the spoilers that follow.

It was infinitely pleasing to watch Polly transform back into the confident, cunning woman who refuses to take anyone else’s shit. From meek and drunken to the embodiment of the matriarch, it would be fair to note that revenge certainly does drive the Shelby’s to extraordinary deeds.


Tommy’s character is beloved by most, but it was a particularly fond moment when we learned about his past with, and devotion to, Gretta. Like most hardened characters, it’s not surprising that Tommy also has the cliched tragic backstory. Staying by Gretta’s bedside for three months before leaving for war has clear parallels with Grace’s murder and his own spiralling devastation.

As ever, the last five minutes reveal a shocking twist for any audience. Perhaps it’s just my own fondness for Polly, but surely her betrayal of Tommy to Luca is a ploy concocted either by or with Tommy himself. While he would be so self-sacrificing as to martyr himself for his family’s survival, it seems foolish to trust the man following his familial grudge across the world. Whether Pol’s betrayal is genuine or not, she looked incredible doing it, and she knew it, too. I think I speak for everyone when I say that with baited breath we wait for the next episode.


Stephanie Bennett

Image: Machinima SBOC