From Under Liquid Glass by Peace

Indie band Peace have recently released a new single. The band are known for their upbeat and positive sound- their last album was called ‘Happy People’. This latest track is far mellower than their usual sound, which is appropriate for its subject matter. The song is about mental health struggles and was written in support of MQ Mental Health.

According to recent studies, 75% of all mental health problems begin under the age of 18, with MQ stepping in to deal with these issues at their core, offering help and support to anyone who needs it.

Harry Koisser wrote the song about his own struggles with mental health. Koisser has said that “although this song is deeply personal, it’s really for everyone as most people have had, come into contact with, or will have some degree of mental health issue in their lives.” He’s right. The song is incredibly relatable and sensitively written. Anyone who has had any personal struggles themselves will understand the emotions behind the lyrics.

The lyrics are hugely raw and emotionally loaded. With lyrics like “held together by a thread”, Koisser really exposes his innermost difficulties and addresses universally familiar themes like loneliness, confusion and heartbreak. The single is a beautiful testament to how music can help us to express and work through our problems.


Katie O’Kelly