A Distant Thumping on the Edge of Town: Tensile returns to Beaver Works

As the biannual exodus of students begins, a dark, discreet crowd of people shall be working their way towards the outskirts of town. What they shall find there is not for the faint hearted. No, Leeds does not foster a cult of satanic worshipers (not to my limited knowledge of demonology at least), rather, it is the home to a historic techno scene.

Since the 1990s Leeds and the surrounding area has housed some of the finest techno venues the UK has ever witnessed. Many of these hard industrial events put on by the likes of Orbit, exhibiting acts such as Surgeon and Jeff Mills, have long since disappeared. Thankfully, a renaissance in brutal sounds has begun to spread across Europe from Germany and further east. Promoters Tensile,  now into their fourth instalment, are embracing this techno revival to recover what was once a staple sound of Leeds nightlife.

Tensile are bringing a plethora of electro and techno-driven DJs to Beaver Works in one final party, before eating chocolate and turkey becomes the priority. Swedish producer Pär Grindvik will almost certainly become a highlight of the evening, just one of many Scandinavian producers and DJ’s pushing techno into totally new dimensions. Signed not only to renowned labels such as Drumcode and Rødhäd’s Dystopian Label, Grindvik appears on the excellent Spectral Sound and his own label, Stockholm LTD. Expect dark, pulsating, hypnotic techno from start to finish. Alongside Grindvik, Adriana Lopez will be supplying equally interesting, shadowy sounds. Her contributions to the SEMANTICA label have been both lucid and compelling, exploring widely used techno sounds from a distinctly unique angle.

It is thus with great anticipation that December 16th approaches, a night that shall take a lucky mass of ravers deep into hedonistic scenes reminiscent of techno’s golden days. Come and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Thomas Bennett

Image credits: Tensile on Facebook