Banks performs with ‘Sensational Energy’ @ Manchester Academy, 24/10

Banks stunned the crowds with her haunting, beautiful vocals which echoed throughout the room. She performed with such ease and the audience welcomed her with cheers all throughout the night.

She sang songs such as F*ck with Myself, Drowning and Trainwreck, all of which were performed with a sensational energy. Banks moved around on stage in such a way that you could not take your eyes off her; I did not want to miss a minute of her performance. She moved to the beat of her songs with ease, creating a dream-like performance for the audience to watch.

Her dark R&B vibe was reflected in the darkly lit room. Dark reds, flashing whites, electric blues. The colours glowed in the room and added an authentic, edgy atmosphere. My personal highlight was her execution of 27 Hours. Wow. Her energy, her voice, her co-ordinated dance moves with her backing dancers were simply mind blowing and gave me goosebumps. The performance was so magical that it’s difficult to quantify in words.

Banks’ music is unique in that it allows you to just peacefully zone out from the world around you. Her expressive lyrics combined with toe-tapping beats work together in a remarkable way that is needed in order to fully immerse yourself in her music and your surroundings.

She reminds me of the likes of FKA twigs with her magical, mellow music, so if you like the sounds of that then check out Banks if you haven’t already!


Anika Vadukul