Primal Sound Brings The Glacial Groove

Primal Sound launched onto the scene for the first time only a year and a half ago, and in that short period it has arguably become one of the most popular disco events that Leeds currently has to offer. With sell out shows in both Newcastle and Liverpool this term, it was time for Primal Sound to return to its hometown for the last boogie of 2017 – the Glacial Groove.

Although previously held at The Musiquarium and Freedom Mills, it appears that Primal has found its home at Church, with its past three events being held there. Church is a world-class venue, with a sound system equipped for dishing out the disco beats the event promises to provide. Such a unique venue seems fitting for an event that is so different from anything you can experience in Leeds.

Past headlines include The Shapeshifters and Purple Disco Machine, and Primal continued to deliver with their star-studded line-up at the Glacial Groove; this time with Room 5 (Junior Jack) headlining the main room and Black Legend headlining the second room.

Throughout the night the main room had exactly the sort of atmosphere you would expect, with a combination of groovy tech disco and funk music. Everyone was bopping and grooving from start to finish. Junior Jack was a booking that perfectly fit the vibe of the event. His iconic track ‘Make Luv’ is exactly the kind of dance track that epitomises Primal’s fun loving side. His set infused dancefloor filler house tracks with Nu-Disco sounds, and even had rumblings of tech-house to keep the crowd on their toes.

The second room provided the ‘primal explorers’ with the classic, crowd pleasing disco tracks and a more intimate vibe for those who wanted to get away from the large crowd in the main room. Black Legend impressed with a huge selection of tracks, arguably making the room better than anyone could have expected. As to be anticipated, Reuben and Douglas (as well as the Primal resident DJ’s) all delivered top-class sets.

In an interview with the Gryphon last March, the Primal boys explained how they envisioned Primal to be the event ‘to showcase the very best of disco music’ and we believe this is exactly what they have done. Their presence on stage at the end of the night shows them as integrated within the party, adding a personal touch to the night as they get everyone groovin’. Primal Sound’s popularity is gathering at a rapid pace, and it’s clear to see why.

Laura McDermott

Image: Primal Sound