‘A Wasp in a Glass’: Peaky Blinders Episode 4 Review

Tensions and plotlines begin to finally culminate, spinning a thread of revenge since the beginning of the series. A number of notable scenes are acted throughout the episode, one of the first entailing Changretta’s thirst for Shelby blood. It seems as if Polly’s cunning plan falls short but swiftly reveals itself to be further developed than previously believed. The cliffhanger surely left many in the audience desperate for the next episode.

The reintroduction of May Carleton, played by Charlotte Riley, however, begs the question of why Tommy’s character seems to require a lover every season. It seems a little odd and far too orthodox to suitably fit Tommy’s character; the lover’s entirety is to only emphasise how ‘broken’ Tommy is and how he would never acquiesce to what most consider a normal life instead of a life of crime. That May is ‘waiting for a man that doesn’t exist’ surely reflects the utter transparency of such a continuous theme in the series. Similarly, Lizzie’s character is now only brought to the fore through her bitter jealousy of Tommy’s most recent infatuation and the reveal of her pregnancy. While a worthy twist, it becomes a little hollow when it only seems to be employed to juxtapose Tommy’s marriage with Grace and further emphasise Tommy’s ruthless logic that the audience knows and loves.

Tom Hardy, who plays the character of Alfie Solomons, is hilariously riveting in this episode. While having always been a somewhat comical yet unbalanced character, his blunt candour was especially appreciated. ‘Tommy, when a pikey with hair like that walks in you’ve got to ask yourself if you’ve made a mistake.’ Perhaps this is a subtle reminder of Aberama Gold’s brutality and hints at the likelihood of his betrayal later in the series.


Stephanie Bennett

Image Credit: Digital Spy