Tings at Church

Lord of the tings is the perfect night for fans of all things garage, grime and bassline and at the end of term, with a deal of two tickets for sixteen pounds, who can say no to a little Thursday night ting?

This classic night was wrapping things up in the North for Christmas, and where better to do so than at Church. As long as you’re there to whine rather than whine about the ten-pound minimum card charge, the venue is nothing but fun.

At first entry, the vibe was rather underwhelming, the crowd didn’t seem to warm to D Double E and despite the hype, this seemed to be the time to dip outside or slip away to the bar. However, the same cannot be said for Murlo, Manchester DJ and producer who provided a fair amount of bassline to the event, his drops perfectly timed to the crowd. Murlo’s mix of garage, dancehall and bassline was just what this night is all about and exactly what we all needed at the end of a busy term at Leeds. The interesting mix of his music went perfectly with churches blue lights beaming out in front of the stain glass windows.

There was a large crowd, of course, but queuing time wasn’t an issue and by opening both the front and back smoking area it meant that if an ex ting was spotted it was easy to slip away.

Although I felt a little let down by D Double E, Murlo pulled back the crowd up with an impressive set. What Lord of the Tings provides is something a bit different for bassline and grime fans that want a mid-week Church bop and feel inundated with techno events that could be argued to dominate the Leeds scene.

If you happen in London for the holidays, Lord of the Tings are heating up the mulled whine and bringing a Christmas special to Brixton. Tickets can be found here: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1046549

By Chloe Lewis

Image: Lord of the Tings