‘We’re Never Free’: Dark Review

The recently aired Netflix show ‘Dark’ is quite simply incredible. It was perhaps the ten most confusing hours of my life and, even while questioning core concepts like time and the universe, it was a startling introduction into the lives of four families after two boys go missing. It’s set in the German town of Winden and is at its best when watched in German also. The mystery spans across three generations and in every single episode the question of what is actually happening will result in a binge watch of all ten episodes so that you can uncover the mystery.

It is particularly arduous to attempt to simultaneously promote yet write about ‘Dark’ when it is so perilously easy to reveal a secret or spoiler of the show. When the entire series is such a tightly interwoven hive of muddled mysteries and riddle upon riddle and conundrum after conundrum that it becomes almost impossible to write anything at all. However, it is possible to admit that every actor was stunning in their characterisation and that the writers are superb. Jonas and Mikkel were my favourites, but it is often difficult to choose because every character is so multifaceted and unequivocally real.

Fans of science fiction and mysteries ought to be keen to watch it, and it has even been compared with Stranger Things. It’s incredibly violent and in places gory, and is sure to both satiate your interest but leave you wanting. The greatest travesty of the entire series is that it is impossible to answer most of the questions that you’ll inevitably have. ‘We’re not free in what we do because we’re never free in what we want’ was and will be an incredibly poignant, even devastating, moment and it will span the rest of the episodes. Hopefully, the second season will come more quickly than any answers did.


Stephanie Bennett

Image Credit: Esquire