Merry Christmas from the blogs team & a Christmas playlist

With one sleep to go until Christmas morning, the blogs team have a few words to say.

This week we’ve had a few seasonal articles go up, so if you didn’t get chance to read them you can catch them here:

We’d like to think we’ve posted something for everyone – comedic cow stories not absent from our Christmas article countdown. If you’re looking for ways to be mindful this year around those suffering from Mental Health, or to educate yourself about the global holiday season, you should find something interesting to read up on.

We’ve also collated a playlist with our favourite Christmas songs, so if you need inspiration for the big day, or for wrapping last minute presents you can listen here. Never fear, it does contain the classics like Mariah, Fairy tale of New York and the Love Actually soundtrack.

Even though we write in our tiny student houses in Leeds, our writers and editors actually come from a wide variety of places, and are celebrating in an even wider collection of countries and cities. We asked our writers to send in photos of their Christmas:

So from Newcastle, Leicester, Liverpool, Gloucestershire, and Botswana, we wish you the happiest of holiday seasons, and the brightest 2018.

The Blogs Team (Mariana, Emily, Rosie, Megan and Bradley)

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