Beat Up by Late Night Legacy

2017 is finally over (almost). As we limp towards the new year, saddled with exam revision and any straggling unsubmitted essays, it might be hard to face the new year with anything but the weary resignation that we’ve had in our back pockets for the last twelve months.

However, if there’s one band that hasn’t succumbed to the post-Christmas, pre-New Year fatigue, it’s Late Night Legacy. Instead of eating another helping of mash potatoes in front of The Royle Family, they’ve finally released the video for their new single ‘Beat Up’, and it’s exactly the fire you need to start your new year off right.


Unrelenting and take-no-prisoners, the Yorkshire-based riff-masters’ latest effort is a fitting tribute to what has been an incredible year for the band. We’re taken on an energetic retrospective though every massive live performance and goofy backstage moment, with some cheeky studio shenanigans thrown in for good measure.

After the larger than life characters of ‘I’m An Eagle’ and the unabashed surrealism of ‘Of Our Times’, Beat Up’s video is maybe the most honest and mature effort from the guys so far, putting the attention squarely where it belongs: on the killer hooks and crackling energy that makes Late Night Legacy one of the most repeat-worthy bands out there.

With that said, Late Night Legacy are best experienced live, so if the gig footage in the video has piqued your curiosity, you can catch them at the Leeds 360 Club on Friday the 26th of January.

Rhiannon-Skye Boden