James Blunt Fills First Direct Arena with Nostalgia

The night is alive with a sense of nostalgia and James Blunt has once again captured our hearts and taken us back to Bedlam. The venue is filled with fans of all ages, from mums dancing right at the back to teenagers who have come to see their childhood heartthrob.

Blunt has come a long way from being as high as a kite on the subway and singing about pretty girls, yet his classic style remains the same. Initially, with the assumption that James blunt was left back in 2007 along with his career, I didn’t have high hopes for the night. All I can say is how wrong I was – Blunt sure knows how to put on a show. Not only was the audience treated to a delightful throwback to the noughties, the night was filled with jokes from James himself. I’ve never seen an audience in such hysterics at a concert before, and I’ve never admired a live musician quite as much as Blunt.

The venue was packed, yet felt ever more intimate. With a few sweet songs from his new album, and a throwback to his old classics, it was great to see that Blunt is as passionate about as music as ever. A few house favourites of the night were ‘You’re Beautiful’ and ‘Goodbye My Lover’, along with ‘Time of Our Lives’ – a touching recollection of his wedding day.

Not only was the live music set to impress, but Blunt’s showmanship had the audience gripping edges of their seats in excitement. James Blunt is definitely a must see on tour; he’s an artist that remains true to his style.

Rachael Dickinson

Feature Image: Marko Ditkun