Peaky Blinders Episode 6: End of the Road

The final instalment of Peaky Blinders was widely expected to be an eye-opener for many an audience, and it was. It dealt with a number of recurring issues that have been raised throughout the series and was wholly satisfying in its conclusion.

One issue to raise would be Luca Changretta’s caricature of an Italian accent. It was almost a relief when Arthur shot Changretta skilfully through the skull, not only to rid the Shelby’s of their nemesis but to finally end the torture of having to listen to such a tragic misrepresentation of pronunciation.

The death and resurrection of Arthur was clever, but it would seem a little pointless to kill off one of the last remaining Shelby brothers. Finn seems to have his reservations about the family business and with John dead, it would be redundant and perhaps the end of the show. But, not only was Arthur alive he also managed to settle his guilt about John and deliver the killing shot. Michael’s ostracization was unavoidable after his betrayal, but at least Tommy’s cunning resulted in a positive outcome for the Shelby’s.

It was sadly inevitable that Alfie and Tommy’s final confrontation would end in death; Alfie was incredibly funny but unfortunately disloyal and capricious. Even at the end, Alfie lied about possessing a gun, but I highly doubt that he would have mortally injured Tommy. My primary concern, however, was the dog: who is going to care for Cyril?

It was an enjoyable season and it certainly had an enjoyable conclusion. With Tommy now Labour MP, his breadth of power and manipulation will stretch even farther than before. Relations with Jesse Eden and the communists will spiral forward, and it will be interesting to see what happens in the seasons ahead.


Stephanie Bennett

Image Credit: Digital Spy