One Night With… Sadar Bahar – Review

On December 9th, Wire gifted its crowd with an early Christmas present, as Sadar Bahar unravelled his bountiful array of disco and soul grooves. With a towel over his left shoulder, a twinkle in his eye, and a warming smile, Sadar defined the ultimate crowd-pleasing experience.

Sadar’s majestic sets are firmly rooted in his passion for disco and soul; his tendency to avoid dipping in to a harder techno sound ensures that his nights are laden with pure disco-infused euphoria. Wire’s customary crowd of Shazam users found themselves frustrated by his rare, hard-to-find tracks, as the genius effortlessly mixed between the uplifting records of his infamously large collection.

The beauty of disco is held within its various components. Flute and saxophone solo melodies found within C. Henry Woods Troup’s, The Stranger, lip wetted the crowd’s disco-heads early on in the night. Electric pianos, rhythm guitars and various other orchestral instruments were all indicative of Sadar’s set, offering a lush background sound amongst the elevating vocal samples.

Black Ivory’s Walking Downtown (Saturday Night), was appropriately dropped, letting loose of any shackles beyond the Wire club door. Sadar’s records became a universal language between strangers on the dancefloor, as the intimate venue was packed with shared beaming smiles. Whilst the excellence of Bileo’s You Can Win is often used to polish off disco sets, Sadar played it mid-set, a testament to his ability of maintaining the crowd’s attentiveness throughout the night.

Unwillingly stumbling out of Wire in the early hours of Sunday morning, clubbers were speechless at Sadar’s skill and temporarily deafened by Wire’s volume – earplugs are an advisory essential for future Wire visits.

By Jacob Pitts

Image credits: Autentica