Laura Marling Pays Tribute to Bob Dylan with ‘A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall’

Laura Marling has released a cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall’. She has previously covered ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ with Eddie Berman for his album. Bob Dylan is clearly an influence for Marling. You can hear his easy-going folk style in her original songs and, as one of the most popular modern folk singers that we have, she seems like the perfect artist to cover one of his classics.

Marling’s version is beautifully simple. She doesn’t really mess with the original guitar chords or lyrics. However, her characteristic vocal harmonies allow her to put her own spin on it, whilst still maintaining the integrity of the original. The song perfectly suits Marling’s soft and haunting voice and she brilliantly introduces this classic ballad to a new generation with her fresh take on it.

It is surprising just how poignant Dylan’s lyrics still are some 50 years after they were written. Perhaps it is because we again find ourselves in tumultuous times that cause us to question the nature of the world we live in. It certainly is a testament to Dylan’s gift as a songwriter to create musical poetry that is both relevant and timeless.

The cover is a stunning tribute to a folk legend by one of its modern stars.

Katie O’Kelly